Airport Retail Group partners with forward-thinking businesses to continuously challenge the hospitality offering in the airport space. The essence of the business is quality

  “Airport Retail Group is dedicated to providing a premium service for patrons, staff,  franchises, suppliers, airport corporations and designers. We operate our business focused on quality and experience”


The group works with airports to ensure venues have cutting edge interiors and unique hospitality offerings. Collaborating with some of Australia’s best design firms and builders, each venue offers a unique point of difference.

Our Brands

Hosting six venues across two airports, Airport Retail Group ensures each venue has top of the range staff and food on offer for all domestic and international travellers.  

Representing a brand with strong roots and a reputation for great service, all attention is on providing the optimal dining experience.  A unique offering at the Brisbane International Airport, Windmill & Co. offers a premium dining experience for all passengers.  

With a visually captivating interior and a focus on great dining options and top of the line service, the venue is the place for passengers to relax and enjoy the view of incoming and outgoing planes.

Quality & Exceptional Service Since 2008

“As a Company, we find Airport Retail Group to be a process driven business that has a strong focus on results. Whilst the business has stringent operational guidelines, the team are open and flexible to new ideas and initiatives. ”

– Andrew Brodie – General Manager | Airline and Retail Management


Box 21
Brisbane International Airport
Airport Drive Q 4008